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My Best Friend's Wedding Almost Had a Gay Sequel

My Best Friend's Wedding Almost Had a Gay Sequel

Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett, who played Julia Roberts's GBF, almost walked down the aisle.

My Best Friend's Wedding almost had a gay sequel.

The 1997 romantic comedy -- in which Julia Roberts tries to break up the nuptials of her longtime friend, played by Dermot Mulroney, to Cameron Diaz -- became a surprise hit at the box office, grossing almost $300 million worldwide.

Its success sparked talks of a follow-up film, Entertainment Weekly reports in an interview that reunited the original cast members and director P.J. Hogan for its new cover story. According to Hogan, this sequel would have centered on the marriage of George (Rupert Everett), who portrays the gay best friend of Julianne (Roberts) in the film.

"We did have some discussion about a sequel," Hogan said. "I remember talking to Julia about it. It was something about Rupert was going to get married and she was going to break up their wedding. I thought that would've been fun, but I don't think we could find a way to bring all those characters back."

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In this era of revivals, a My Best Friend's Wedding sequel is not outside the realm of possibility, which the cast discussed with EW. "I've been asked about it a lot, obviously, and I've always said yes. I think it's a great idea, but I decided today I'm going to say no from now on," Mulroney said. He then proposed that the film be re-released in theaters "as is."

Everett came out as gay in 1989, and his role in My Best Friend's Wedding was a milestone for gay visibility in Hollywood. However, Everett revealed to EW that initially he was less than enthused about playing the role of George. "When I got the part, it was literally two lines in the script. I thought it was kind of a career-icide move at first," the gay actor admitted. The 59-year-old actor marveled today that the role became "a complete changing point for me."

"And for our film culture, Rupert," Mulroney added.

My Best Friend's Wedding ends with Julianne dancing with George after she gives up in her pursuit of breaking up her friend's marriage. When asked by EW what the pair would be doing today, Rupert said, "I think George and Julianne are a little bit like Will and Grace."

"We're not living together. But I live across the street," Roberts said.

Say a little prayer for the My Best Friend's Wedding sequel, and watch the cast discuss the filming of the movie's iconic musical scene below.

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