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Kristen Stewart: Don't Want Queer Superheroes? You Belong in the Past

Bryan Tyree Henry and Kristen Stewart

Out actress Kristen Stewart says people who object to LGBTQ+ superheroes are living in the past — and they’re welcome to stay there.

On Variety’s video feature The Take, host Clayton Davis mentioned the upcoming Marvel film Eternals, featuring gay superhero Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry, with Haaz Sleiman as his husband. Stewart noted, “I don’t know much about the storyline in this one, but I’m glad there’s gay people in it.”

Davis brought up the new Superman, Jon Kent, as well; it was recently revealed that the character is bisexual. He asked Stewart what she’d say to people who think “this is not how superheroes should be portrayed.”

“I would say you’ve had your time,” she said. “If you’re happier and more comfortable looking in the rearview mirror, that is where we’ll leave you, brah. But yeah, sure, go watch every other movie that hasn’t really touched on what we are, and we will just continue growing without you.”

Stewart came out gradually about being in relationships with women despite pressure in Hollywood to keep quiet about the subject. In 2015, she stated, “Google me. I’m not hiding.” In 2017, after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, she said on Saturday Night Live that he wouldn’t like here because “I’m, like, so gay, dude.” 

Stewart’s career has continued to flourish. Last year she was a hit in the gay holiday rom-com Happiest Season. This year she’ll be seen as Princess Diana in Spencer, directed by Jackie helmer Pablo Larraín. The film portrays Diana at the time she’s making the decision to divorce Prince Charles. It opens November 5, the same opening date as Eternals.

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