Most Dem
Candidates Favor Funding for Needle Exchanges

Most Democratic
presidential candidates support lifting a ban on federal
funding for needle exchange as a way to protect public
health, according to a questionnaire released
Wednesday by a coalition working to stop the spread of

John Edwards,
Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden met a deadline
to answer three questions posed by a group of central Iowa
agencies, including the AIDS Project of Central Iowa
and Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa.

The questions,
sent to Democratic and Republican presidential candidates,
are part of the group's recognition of World AIDS Day 2007
on Saturday.

Rudy Giuliani and
Mitt Romney declined to give responses, and there was
no word from the other Republican and Democratic candidates.
Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign responded yes to the
questions but was too late to be included in materials
sent out by the coalition, said Becky Johnson of the
AIDS Project of Central Iowa. (AP)

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