Brent Corrigan Bags It Up

Brent Corrigan Bags It Up

Porn star Brent Corrigan has partnered with Washington D.C.–based STD prevention group DC Fuk !t for a series of instructional videos on proper condom use and sexual health.

The program launched last year after a study revealed the nation’s capital has the highest percentage of HIV-positive residents in the country. It promotes safe sex and condom use through the distribution of safe sex kits promoted by a series of provocative, often sexually graphic ads and videos.

Cofounder Terry Gerace, M.D. says he recruited Corrigan for the campaign because of what he’s learned since starring in a series of bareback films at the beginning of his career while he was still underage. (Watch Corrigan's video here: WARNING: Contains sexually explicit content; NSFW)

“He has long since become an advocate for safer sex and has very publicly apologized for his past appearances in films depicting unsafe sexual practices,” Gerace says.

Garace talked to The Advocate about Corrigan’s video shoot, why he thinks the young porn star has more than redeemed himself for his bareback films, and how a recent scandal involving Yale University ended up playing a role in Corrigan’s campaign.

The Advocate: Why did you approach Brent Corrigan, who is known for shooting a number of bareback porn videos early in his career, to come full circle and do this PSA for proper condom use?
Terry Gerace, M.D.: It wasn’t so much about him having done bareback porn, it was that he’s made this change from doing it to not doing it. He hasn’t done those sorts of films for at least four years. He’s stayed in the industry, and now only does safer sex porns. It was really about it being someone who learned from their behavior and made a change, which I think represents most young people. They’ll start out doing something high-risk, and if they’re lucky, they’ll survive it and make a change. That’s what he did, so I think in a lot of ways, he represents your average person.

So much has gone back and forth about Corrigan — some think he was very aware of what he was doing in his early films, and others think he was a young kid taken advantage of by porn producers. Working with him on this campaign, what was your sense?
Oh, I would say that he was taken advantage of pretty clearly. No 17-year-old knows what they’re doing (laughs). He knew what he was doing as well as any 17-year-old brain knows what it’s doing. He definitely was taken advantage of, I don’t have any question about that… which is why he’s grown considerably. He’s an amazingly mature individual for someone who’s been through what he’s been through.


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