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#TweetLikeAWhiteGay Shows a Divided LGBT Community


A new hashtag on Twitter is shining a spotlight on the unexamined privilege of white gay men.

The hashtag, #TweetLikeAWhiteGay, addresses how members of this demographic tackle issues like race, gender, and class. And the portrait is not flattering.


The wide-ranging posts critique appropriation of African-American culture, transphobia, fanatical diva worship, racism in dating and hookup apps, and sartorial choices.

While humorous, the tweets express a real frustration with the perception that white gay men, who purport to advocate for equality, turn a blind eye to the issues of other disadvantaged groups who fall under the umbrella of the LGBT community.

The social media skewering comes at a time of flux for the LGBT rights movement. Same-sex marriage was a major victory last June, but its win left groups searching for a new lightning rod to rally the community.

The issues that still must be addressed, like employment discrimination, violence, and HIV, disproportionately affect transgender people and communities of color. Several of these tweets draw attention to these disparities and critique those with privilege for inaction.

See a sampling below.

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