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Impeachment Coverage Dragged for Demanding 'Pizzazz'

Impeachment Coverage Ratio'd For Demanding 'Pizazz'

As the nation waits to see if a president gets impeached for only the third time ever, there have been accusations of extortion of world leaders by the first commander in chief to give hush money mid-campaign to a porn star.

But NBC News says what the impeachment hearings lack is "pizzazz."

The media observation, made on Twitter and in an extended piece online, lamented the first public inquiry hearing in more than 20 years wasn’t “dramatic.”

“At a time when Democrats are simultaneously eager to influence public opinion in favor of ousting the president and quietly apprehensive that their hearings could stall or backfire, the first round felt more like the dress rehearsal for a serious one-act play than opening night for a hit Broadway musical,” wrote Jonathan Allen.

The view wasn’t shared by all media, including others working at NBC News. Ben Rhodes, a regular commentator on MSNBC, said Allen took the wrong approach.

“Maybe it’s more important for the American people to learn the facts than to have an analysis of pizazz,” he responded. “That’s the purpose of public hearings and we’d be a lot better off if it was the basis for our politics.”

Regardless, quite a few lamented on Twitter a focus on pizzazz over substance, even at a time when drag queens are showing up to hearings to provide coverage for smartphone-only news outlets.

A sampling on the post-pizzazz commentary:

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