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Grindr Cannibal Sentenced to Life in Prison for Kevin Bacon Murder

Mark Latunski confessed to killing and eating the testicles and other body parts of the victim he met on the popular gay app.

Lesbian Dana Nessel Reelected Michigan Attorney General

Nessel, a Democrat, beat a Republican who's accused of tampering with the 2020 presidential election results.

Michigan's Lesbian AG Dana Nessel on the Importance of Her Close Race

She's running against a Trump-backed conspiracy theorist whose claim to fame is losing a case related to meddling in the 2020 election.

Parents Attack LGBTQ-Inclusive School Mural in 'Hate Fest'

Parents in Grant, Mich., objected to LGBTQ+ images in the mural and claimed some other images promoted devil worship and witchcraft.

Michigan Bill Would Criminalize Trans-Supportive Parents

Legislation introduced this week would deem it felony child abuse if parents or guardians allow their children to receive gender-affirming care.

School Board Candidate Posts Nazi Rainbow Flag Online

He says that he didn't create the image but that he believes in what the image stands for as it pertains to the indoctrination of people into LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Pete Buttigieg Claps Back at GOP Chair's Glaring Homophobia

The transportation secretary put the Michigan Republican on blast for a homophobic comment she made about him recently.

LGBTQ+ Books at the Center of Library Controversies in Michigan & Iowa

In rows over LGBTQ+ books, a community in Michigan has raised more than $100,000 to fund its library, while Iowa librarians are fighting against banning such books.

Michigan's Out AG Seeks Prosecution of Opponent for Election Tampering

Dana Nessel says her likely opponent, Matthew DePerno, and others tried to change the 2020 presidential election results.

Hysteria Over LGBTQ+ Books Might Close a Michigan Library Forever

A library in Michigan may have to shut down because its staff refused to ban LGBTQ+ books that conservative community members have protested against.

Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Want Marriage Equality Overturned

Several candidates for Michigan governor said the Supreme Court ought to revisit the 2015 ruling that provided all Americans with marriage equality.

Man Sets Pride Flag Ablaze in Michigan, Almost Catches Himself on Fire

Video shows the man in Lansing, Mich., setting the Pride flag aflame. 

Michigan Church Congregation Refuses to Remove LGBTQ+ Deacon

In Grand Rapids, a congregation was ordered to rescind the ordination of an LGBTQ+ deacon but is appealing the decision.

Michigan GOP Kills Pride Month Resolution Because It's Pro-LGBTQ+

The state's Senate majority leader wanted a disclaimer that referred to LGBTQ+ people's "lifestyle."

Trans Man Ray Muscat Fatally Shot in Michigan

Police say Muscat's girlfriend, who later died by suicide, was the perpetrator.

Same-Sex Wedding Likely to End Professor's Job at Christian School

A committee at Calvin University has recommended that Joseph Kuilema not be reappointed after he officiated a wedding for two women.

Sen. McMorrow Wants Suburban Moms to Get Ticked Off and Fight Back

After going viral, the Michigan State Senator hopes to inspire other moms to get in the fray, pushing back on anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and rhetoric.

Watch Michigan Senator Slam Lawmaker's 'Grooming' Jab in Fiery Clip

The attack came because Mallor McMorrow is a vocal LGBTQ+ ally.

Black Trans Woman Naomie Skinner Fatally Shot; Boyfriend Charged

There is a high rate of intimate partner violence agains trans people.

TikTok Creator Rory Teasley Allegedly Choked to Death by Boyfriend

When police got to the apartment, authorities said the boyfriend told officers that Teasley was "sleeping" on the couch.