William Weld
flip-flops on same-sex marriage

New York's most
powerful Republican legislator is miffed that former
Massachusetts governor William Weld hasn't called to talk
about his interest in running for governor of his
native New York next year. In the wake of Republican
governor George Pataki's decision not to seek a fourth
term next year, the pro-gay Weld has been calling top
leaders of New York's Republican and Conservative
parties in recent days to talk about his interest in
becoming the nation's second two-state governor.

But he apparently
overlooked senate majority leader Joseph Bruno. "If
you were thinking of running for governor of New York State,
would you make a phone call?" Bruno told reporters at
the capitol Thursday. "I've never heard from him. I
don't know—clueless—about what he's
doing or what he's about or where he lives. You know, if I
haven't heard from him, he's not going to hear from

Meanwhile, the
New York Post quoted Weld in its Thursday
editions as saying he is opposed to same-sex marriage. In
early 2004, Weld urged Massachusetts lawmakers to accept
same-sex marriage, rather than civil unions, as the
only way to legally comply with a Massachusetts
supreme judicial court decision on the issue. In June
2004, Weld delivered the homily at the same-sex marriage
ceremony of two former members of his administration.
"Flip-flopping and pandering to New York conservatives
is no way to begin a gubernatorial campaign," said
Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for the state Democratic

Weld is among a
host of Republicans eyeing the GOP nomination for
governor, while state attorney general Eliot Spitzer is thus
far the only Democrat seeking his party's nomination
for the job. Spitzer has said he favors legalizing
same-sex marriage in New York. (AP)

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