Poland's proposed
new leader calls homosexuality "unnatural"

Poland's likely
new prime minister called homosexuality "unnatural" in
an interview published Monday and argued that the
state should intervene if homosexuals try to "infect" others
with their behavior. Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz,
nominated by the Law and Justice Party to lead the
next government, told the Polish edition of Newsweek
magazine that "propagating homosexuality" constitutes
an infringement on the freedom of other people.

"It is unnatural.
Family is natural, and the state should safeguard the
family," Marcinkiewicz said, echoing the views of other
leaders of his conservative party. "If such a person
tries to 'infect' others with their homosexuality,
then the state has to intervene in such an abuse of
freedom," he said. He did not elaborate.

said he judges people by their actions, not sexual
orientation, but stressed that "promoting
homosexuality"—through parades or campaigns by
gay rights groups, for instance—is unacceptable
to him. Law and Justice is now in negotiations to form a
government with the center-right Civic Platform, after
the two took a combined majority in parliamentary
elections on September 25.

They are expected
to form a government within several weeks to replace
the outgoing left-wing government, which was soundly
defeated. Warsaw mayor Lech Kaczynski, who is Law and
Justice's candidate for president in Sunday's
election, has been a strong opponent of gay rights. In June
he refused to grant permission for a gay rights parade
in Warsaw, but some 2,000 activists marched through
Warsaw despite his ban. Opponents threw eggs and
stones at the marchers, and police detained 29 people.
Homosexuality was a taboo subject under communist rule. The
Roman Catholic Church, strengthened by the influence
of the late Polish-born Pope John Paul II, also
disapproves. (AP)

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