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Republicans, antigay Democrats?

Republicans, antigay Democrats?

The failure of the antigay marriage amendment on Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives was largely along party lines, with the Republicans voting in favor and the Democrats opposed. (Vermont's lonely Independent congressman voted against the amendment.) But the vote was not strictly partisan: 34 Democrats supported writing antigay discrimination into the U.S. Constitution, while 27 Republicans opposed it.

"Don't forget these names or forgive their vote," urges an activist e-mail now circulating with the names of the 34 antigay Democrats. The action you take is up to you, but what follows is a complete list of the Democrats who favored discrimination, as well as the Republicans who voted on the side of equality. To contact any of the following congresspeople, go to and click on the representative's name to reach his or her home page. Each can be contacted, for praise or complaint, via e-mail through their home page:

Democrats who voted for antigay discrimination (with their state and district number) Barrow, John (Ga.-12) Berry, Marion (Ark.-01) Bishop Jr., Sanford (Ga.-02) Boren, Dan (Okla.-02) Boucher, Rick (Va.-09) Boyd, Allen (Fla.-02) Chandler, Ben (Ky.-06) Cooper, Jim (Tenn.-05) Costello, Jerry (Ill.-12) Cramer, Bud (Ala.-05) Cuellar, Henry (Texas-28) Davis, Artur (Ala.-07) Davis, Lincoln (Tenn.-04) Edwards, Chet (Texas-17) Etheridge, Bob (N.C.-02) Ford, Harold (Tenn.-09) Gordon, Bart (Tenn.-06) Herseth, Stephanie (S.D.) Holden, Tim (Pa.-17) Jefferson, William (La.-02) Marshall, Jim (Ga.-03) Matheson, Jim (Utah-02) McIntyre, Mike (N.C.-07) Melancon, Charlie (La.-03) Ortiz, Solomon (Texas-27) Peterson, Collin (Minn.-07) Rahall, Nick (W.V.-03) Ross, Mike (Ark.-04) Scott, David (Ga.-13 Skelton, Ike (Mo.-04) Spratt, John (S.C.-05) Tanner, John (Tenn.-08) Taylor, Gene (Ms.-04) Thompson, Bennie (Ms.-02)

Republican who voted against discrimination (with their state and district number) Bass, Charles (N.H.-02) Biggert, Judy (Ill.-02) Boehlert, Sherwood (N.Y.-24) Bono, Mary (Calif.-45) Castle, Michael (Del.) Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (Fla.-21) Diaz-Balart, Mario (Fla.-25) Dreier, David (Calif.-26) Fitzpatrick, Michael (Pa.-08) Foley, Mark (Fla.-16) Frelinghuysen, Rodney (N.J.-11) Gerlach, Jim (Pa.-06) Gilchrest, Wayne (Md.-01) Hobson, David (Ohio-07) Hostettler, John (Ind.-08) Johnson, Nancy (Conn.-05) Kirk, Mark (Ill.-10) Knollenberg, Joseph (Mich.-09) Kolbe, Jim (Ariz.-08) Leach, Jim (Iowa-02) Paul, Ron (Texas-14) Pryce, Deborah (Ohio-15) Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (Fla.-18) Schwarz, John J.T. "Joe" (Mich.-07) Shays, Christopher (Conn.-04) Simmons, Rob (Conn.-02) Sweeney, John (N.Y.-20)

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