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At the launch party of American Doll Posse at New York City's Spotlight Live venue, Tori Amos talks to us about the new album--and the "Popcorn Man"

There are a few things that can make a gay man gush on a Tuesday night in New York City. One of them is seeing Tori Amos perform live at the launch party of her new album, American Doll Posse, at the swanky Spotlight Live bar in Times Square. It's no secret the Grammy nominee has an iron grip on LGBT fans due to her eccentric persona and poetic lyrics that sing right into our hearts. And American Doll Posse only tightens her hold on us. The album is a groundbreaking mesh of acting and singing as Amos adopts four distinct alter egos that are portrayed individually through various songs. If that wasn't enough for us to begin with, at her launch party the bar was serving drinks named after Amos's different characters, such as the Isabel CIC Smudger, a drink meant to embody the darker ego, assisted by Christina vodka and sour-apple schnapps. However, our favorite was the Tori Classic, a drink epitomizing the essence of the Doll Posse personalities through Coppola champagne and a splash of fruit puree. Before she performed an intimate 30-minute set for her guests, Amos found the time to sit down with The Advocate for a quick and candid interview. How was the recording of American Doll Posse? I've had the time of my life making it. It has been unbelievably demanding, but at the same time when you're so challenged, and you can complete it and still stand in a pair of high heels, then you're doing OK. And those are some great high heels you are sporting. Thank you! What tracks from the new album do you think will be well-received by your LGBT fans? Well, "Body and Soul," I think, between you and me. That's one of my favorites. Which songs do you foresee gay men cranking up and dancing to? As far as turning it up and cranking it up, I don't know..."You Can Bring Your Dog," but "Bouncing Off Clouds" is one that gets mentioned a lot. What has been the most outrageous story your gay friends have told you? There are some outrageous stories from my gay friends. [Designer] Ashish, who is designing touring stage clothes, you know, the bleeding shots--he's from India, and I'm encouraging him to come to New York for the shows in October because he has the craziest insane love life. I'm getting him to keep a journal because he does things--he runs into such [crazy situations]. Such as? One time he went out with this guy to a movie, and he ordered popcorn. He went and got the popcorn hoping this would be the love of his life, his romance. He brought the popcorn back to the guy, and what happens? Hang on [Calls over friend]. She'll help me give the particulars. FRIEND: Well the guy is like, "You're not going to eat that, are you?" And he goes, like, "Yeah," and his date goes, "Oh, no, if you eat that, I can't be here with you." So basically he had to get rid of his popcorn because the guy has a popcorn fetish. AMOS: Ashish calls him "Popcorn Man." So he has all these incredible heartbreaking experiences, but he makes the most beautiful garments for women. Sounds like a typical gay first date--never ingest unnecessary carbs. But before we let you go, is there anything you want to tell your gay fans out there? Well, over the years just to thank them for trying to remind me how to be...that life is about...[pauses] ecstasy has to be e plus e, erotica plus eloquence. And it has always been the eloquence that they've tried to remind me to keep because the first without the last is just--it can be a sad story, a bit tragic.

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