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27% of Gay Voters
Sided With McCain

The Election Day
exit poll conducted for the major television networks
shows that 27% of gay voters supported Sen. John McCain in
his losing bid for the White House. According to the
Log Cabin Republicans, this is the largest show of
support ever for a Republican nominee. In 2004, 23% of
gay voters went for President Bush.

According to the
poll, conducted every presidential election by Edison
Media Research and Mitofsky International, 4% of this year's
electorate self-identified as gay, lesbian, or
bisexual, the same percentage as in 2004.
President-elect Barack Obama won the support of 70% of them,
down from the 77% garnered by Sen. John Kerry four
years ago, while 3% opted for a third-party candidate
or did not give an answer when asked whom they voted
for. (The Advocate)

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