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Male Herschel Walker Staffer Says GOP Activist Matt Schlapp Groped Him

Matt Schlapp and Herschel Walker
Matt Schlapp (L) and Herschel Walker

Schlapp is chair of the American Conservative Union, which organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


A man who worked for Herschel Walker's failed Senate campaign has accused Republican political activist Matt Schlapp of making "sustained and unwanted and unsolicited" sexual contact with him, the Daily Beast reports.

The alleged incident happened after the staffer said he was driving Schlapp back from a bar in Atlanta on October 19.

Schlapp is the chair of the American Conservative Union as well as a leader in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He's married to conservative political consultant Mercedes Schlapp.

While CPAC has been criticized for hosting anti-LGBTQ+ speakers, Schlapp has welcomed LGBTQ+ conservatives to attend.

The staffer told the Beast that Schlapp "groped" him against his will after Schlapp had bought him drinks at two bars.

The staffer told the Beast that he wanted his identity concealed as he started a new political job. However, he said he'd come forward if Schlapp denied the allegations.

The staffer told the outlet that he understood the influence Schlapp had and that he'd told the staffer he'd want to go out to discuss the staffer's future career.

He explained to the Beast that Schlapp kept invading his personal space, but that he thought Schlapp understood that he wasn't interested.

Schlapp allegedly "fondled" the staffer's crotch as he was driving Schlapp back to his hotel. He recalled being frozen and called it "scarring." He said that Schlapp asked him back to his room when they got to Schlapp's hotel, but he said no.

Phone records provided to the Beast show Schlapp called him that night. The staffer said he called to confirm that he was driving Schlapp to an event the following day. After getting off the phone with Schlapp the staffer made several videos emotionally explaining what transpired that night.

He shared those videos with the Beast as well as two others, including his wife.

"What is wrong with me? This is OK to happen?" the staffer says in one of the videos shown to the outlet. "I don't know what I did. It's very sad that this is OK."

"Matt Schlapp of the CPAC grabbed my junk and pummeled it at length, and I'm sitting there thinking what the hell is going on, that this person is literally doing this to me," the staffer said. "From the bar to the Hilton Garden Inn, he has his hands on me. And I feel so f**king dirty. I feel so f**king dirty."

The staffer contacted the Walker campaign the next morning. A campaign official pulled him off driving duty and told him to inform Schlapp that his actions were unwelcomed.

After the call, the staffer texted Schlapp, "I did want to say I was uncomfortable with what happened last night. The campaign does have a driver who is available to get you to Macon and back to the airport."

Schlapp texted back to call him, then called the staffer. The staffer didn't respond.

The Beast notes that Schlapp never questioned what made the staffer uncomfortable.

After the incident, the Walker campaign offered support to the staffer. It's not known if Herschel Walker knew of what allegedly happened. The campaign confirmed its involvement in the matter and said the campaign helped organize a meeting between a lawyer and the staffer.

The staffer is still considering his options.

The ACU didn't respond to the Beast's questions.

A lawyer for Schlapp told the outlet that he "denies any improper behavior," adding "we are evaluating legal options for response."

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