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Who Should Play Rachel's Two Dads?

Who Should Play Rachel's Two Dads?


Hugh Jackman and Seal are Kristin Chenoweth's picks to play the two gay fathers of Lea Michele's Rachel character on Glee , according to The Hollywood Reporter .

A journalist for the entertainment publication posed the frequently debated casting question to three of the stars of the Fox series, including Matthew Morrison. "Nathan Lane and Danny DeVito," Morrison offered.

Frequent guest star Chenoweth prefers more diversity. "I would like to see an African-American in there," she said. "Maybe Seal? Then the other guy has to be real white ... Hugh Jackman?"

Darren Criss couldn't decide on the spot. "I don't know, I'd want to think about it [because] I'm very meticulous about these things," Criss said. "I'll tell you who I'd love to play someone's grandfather: Christopher Walken! Come to Glee, please!"

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