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Minor Leaguer Learns That Slurs in Sports Won't Be Tolerated

Minor Leaguer Learns That Slurs in Sports Won't Be Tolerated

Minor league pitcher Ian Krol Sunday became the latest athlete to learn that tolerance for gay slurs is waning.

The 20-year-old Krol is one the Oakland Athletics' top prospects, and he was suspended Sunday for a tweet that the San Francisco Chronicle  described as including "a homophobic slur and offensive language." The offending tweet has since been deleted.

White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham apologized this weekend for scrawling a taunting message in the sand to Kansas City Royal Chris Getz during a game last week. "Getz Is Gay" could be seen by fans in the stands.

In football the Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson apologized on Twitter this weekend for using a gay slur to insult a caller during a satellite radio show. Jackson started out defiant but eventually said he was sorry.

And all of this follows the fines that basketball stars Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah were forced to pay earlier this year for using slurs on the court to attack a referee and a fan, respectively.

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