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Adam Lambert and Mother Both Honored by PFLAG

Adam Lambert and Mother Both Honored by PFLAG

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays handed out awards last Sunday to both entertainer Adam Lambert, for using his "authentic" voice, and his mother, Leila, for being so supportive of her gay son.

Mother and son received awards that when put together represent the PFLAG logo, which consists of an inverted triangle and an interlocking heart.

Leila recalls the sense of camaraderie she felt when attending her first PFLAG meeting. "I really feel like we are in this together," she says. "It takes all of us to do this. We really need to be supportive. We as straight people, we as gay people, we all need to be together on this. It really makes a huge difference."

Adam shared that he was touched to be honored alongside his mother. "I really came here for my mom," he says. "Because she got so excited about PFLAG and told me about the organization, and I said that's great, I'm glad you're getting involved. She told me about the work that you guys do. ... It's really exciting to know that there are people that help support the parents as well, because it is a tough thing."

Watch video of the presentation below.

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