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Texas Rep's Conspiracy Theory: Obama Jobs Bill Is Gift to Gays

Texas Rep's Conspiracy Theory: Obama Jobs Bill Is Gift to Gays


The right-wing Republican from Texas claimed that Obama's plan to add more jobs is actually part of a scheme to destroy marriage. 

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert took to the floor of the House on Tuesday with a conspiracy theory -- that President Obama's jobs bill is actually part of his plan to destroy marriage.

"This president, by virtue of the power to tax, the power to destroy, takes a shot at traditional conventional marriage," Gohmert claims.

Gohmert alleges that tax credits under the president's plan would favor couples who live together but aren't married.

"This may be something nice he's throwing out for gay folks that are living together so he can tell them actually you are better off not getting married because there is a marriage penalty here," Gohmert claimed.

He then goes off on a tangent in which he claims the founding fathers had expressed an opinion on same-sex marriage.

"Of course, the founders they all understood marriage to be between a man and a woman, that's just the way the history of the country has been," he said.

The president has implored the LGBT community to support him in trying to pass the American Jobs Act through Congress, especially in the House where Republicans are dragging their feet on ever taking an up-or-down vote.

"You may have heard, I introduced a bill called the American Jobs Act," Obama said during a recent speech before the Human Rights Campaign. "It's been almost three weeks since I sent it up to Congress. That's three weeks longer than it should have taken to pass this common sense bill."

Obama never mentioned any tax benefit for unmarried gay partners while talking to the largest lobbying group that represents them.

"This is a bill filled with ideas that both parties have supported -- tax breaks for companies that hire veterans; road projects; school renovations; putting construction crews back to work rebuilding America; tax cuts for middle-class families so they can make ends meet and spend a little more at local stores and restaurants that need the business," he said while trying to win LGBT support.

Despite Gohmert's suggestion that the president would want to "destroy" traditional marriage, Obama seemed focused on jobs while talking to the HRC. In fact, Obama hasn't advocated for same-sex marriage.

"Now, you may have heard me say this a few times before -- I'll say it again: Pass the bill," Obama asked. "Enough gridlock. Enough delay. Enough politics. Pass this bill. Put this country back to work. HRC, you know how Congress works. I'm counting on you to have my back. Go out there and get them to pass this bill. Let's put America back to work."

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