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Michelle Garcia: I Advocate...

Michelle Garcia: I Advocate...

...Richard Noble
Longtime gay activist Richard Noble has been walking across the country for months in the name of gay rights. So far he's made it 1,500 miles, making appearances in town hall meetings, small gatherings, and grassroots meet-ups, while getting the word out in small-town newspapers and pointing fingers at our representatives, encouraging them to join the fight. He's traveled from California to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, and now he's in Texas, and everywhere he goes, he undoubtedly leaves an impression.
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...Puppies Behind Bars
One time I was sick at home and watching Oprah. By the time the segment on this organization was over, I was bawling. Puppies + Veterans + the rehabilitation of hardened criminals = waaahhh!!

...Black Girls Rock!
What can I say? I'm a black girl, and I had dreams of being a rock star as a teenager. I tried to teach myself guitar and start a punk band called Grandma's Sweater. Seeing kids with instruments makes me smile, and BGR does a lot to help teenage girls who need a boost of self-esteem in a world that kind of tells them they're less than everyone else. And it has a Broadway program, which I'm always down with -- rock on!!

...Italian Ices
When I'm visiting my family back home in New York, I'm required to pay a visit to Uncle Louie G., Ralph's Italian Ices, or a dude on Jamaica Avenue with a cart of ices. If you've never had an Italian ice in your life, do yourself a favor and have one the next time you're back east. It's not ice cream, it's not gelato, it's not sorbet, it's not a snow cone ... it's just awesome.

...Occupy Wall Street
Not everyone will agree with me, and that's fine. But I think Occupy Wall Street is a better use of time than that made by some of my peers who complain about being jobless without doing anything about it; at least these people understand why they don't have jobs.
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