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The 20 Greatest New Father's Day Gifts

The 20 Greatest New Father's Day Gifts


Whether it's for your dad, husband, or baby daddy, we've got the last-minute gift suggestions in every price range.


Petiole-hammock_0The Sexiest 1 Percent Gift
Show your art-loving, sun-seeking husband how much you care. Recipient of Les Decouvertes award for innovation at the prestigious Maison & Objet design show, this handmade, self-suspended Petiole Hammock is made in Sweden by two artisans who painstakingly mold each piece during a process that requires four weeks to create just one. The gorgeous half-circle canopy (which is made to hold two people and blocks up to 86 percent of UV rays) is hung from just one pole mounted in concrete (and yes, white glove delivery includes installation). $35,000,

Some Fathers Have Fur BabiesMy-two-dads-necktie_0
For those men out there who are crazy about their dogs or feel left out on Father's Day because they have no human kids, this is the perfect gift for your dapper boys: The My Two Dads Necktie Set is a dress-shirt collar and tie for the pooch with matching ties for dads. It's like a marriage equality gift for doggie dads. (Don't worry if he's a single father; they make those sets too.) $52.95, (Pictured here: New York artists Jonathan Rosen and Tom Smith, who were engaged last December, and their French bulldog and future ring bearer, Jeep.)

Go de Rass to Sleep by Adam Mansbach
The best-selling Go the F**k to Sleep has been translated into over 30 languages worldwide. Now it is finally translated for Jamaican and other Caribbean parents of the world, Go de Rass to Sleep, and this version of Adam Mansbach's profane, affectionate, and radically honest book will remind whole new audiences about the absurdities of parenting. Just don't read it to the kids. $11,

Beer-goggles_0Updated Beer Goggles?
If Dad is a beer man, he'll love these Bottle Opener Sunglasses, sturdy wraparounds featuring bottle openers on each end. $29 and up,

R2d2_0George Lucas Meets Julia Child
What better way than to bring the force into the kitchen than with this whimsical but functional set of Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cups, a cute little set that disassembles into four measuring cups plus four nested measuring spoons (built into the detachable utility arms) and reassembles in a snap (fortunately, it's not as complicated as C-3PO). $19.99,

Ps4_0The Ultimate Dad Gift Everyone Will Enjoy
A new study
shows that 42 percent of parents whose children are gamers play with them at least weekly, so a new PlayStation could be the perfect excuse for Dad to spend some quality time with the kids. Sure, if he isn't a gamer, you might think the PlayStation 4 isn't your top pick. Think again. Yes, it has some of the hottest new games (MLB 14: The Show, The Lego Movie Video Game, and Just Dance 2014), some that let him live out his dreams on screen (become a professional baseball player or a fearsome high-seas pirate) and other exclusive movie-like games, including inFAMOUS Second Son (message boards are busy debating whether the main character, Delsin, could be one of gaming's first gay protagonists). But the PS4 is as great for nongamers; many owners never play a single game. You can access streaming music and video services including Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant, Vidzone, and many more. You can get sports packages (MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter Live, NBA Game Time, and the WWE Network), and with PlayStation Plus's premium game membership you get instant access to blockbuster games, discounts, cloud saves, and much more. Capable of 10 times the processing power of the PS3, the PS4 offers a wonderfully immersive experience and you can experience augmented reality in the PlayRoom, where users realistically interact with cute robots called AR Bots. Another new perk: You can now capture screen shots and clip videos of game play to share with friends directly on Facebook or Twitter, as well as live-stream game play through applications like Twitch and Ustream. $399,

Unkinkable-hose_0For the Gardening Guy
Eliminate the most frustrating part of gardening: the annoying hose kink. Enter the world's only Unkinkable Garden Hose, the only garden hose with a unique double helix construction that will not kink. This 100-foot hose is super lightweight, easy to handle, and keeps water flowing even when the hose is pinned under a bicycle or Big Wheel. It's weather-resistant too. $129.95,

Tani-air-underwear_0A Sexy, Husband-Only Gift
OK, this is not for your dad (creepy) but if you have a hubby you're honoring, why not get him something you can both marvel at: Air Fitness Briefs from Tani, a new line of men's luxury underwear made of a super-soft, lightweight pique knit that whisks away moisture and is a first in men's underwear. (With 95 percent Superfine Micro Tencel, the Air Fitness undies get rid of 50 percent more moisture than cotton.) $40,

Love Him With Literature
A trio of books that offer something for any man on your list. In Tim Anderson's uproariously self-deprecating Sweet Tooth, he recounts being a sweets-loving gay teen in the South in the 1980s who discovers he's diabetic and is sure that God is punishing him. In the decades that followed World War II, Americans searched for and often founds signs of a new masculinity that was younger, sensitive, and sexually ambivalent, and Kenneth Krauss's Male Beauty: Postwar Masculinity in Theater, Film, and Physique Magazines looks at theater, film, and magazines of the time in order to illuminate how each one put forward a version of male gendering that deliberately contrasted and often clashed with previous constructs. In Jerry Mahoney's Mommy Man: How I Went From Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad, the popular gay blogger talks about the road he and his boyfriend took to become dads. Sweet Tooth: $9,; Male Beauty: $100,; Mommy Man: $16.97,


Autocorrect for Your Hand
Is he one of those people who couldn't live without autocorrect? Now there's a pen for that. The Lernstift is a very cool electronic pen that learns your writing styles and points out mistakes as they are being made -- with vibration. Lernstift_0Bonus: It connects via Wi-Fi to your smart devices and computer as well. Prices vary,

Coleman_0Camping Just Got Cooler
If the father in your life loves to camp, there are two great new products that'll make it even better for him. The 10-cup Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Carafe has an InstaStart push-button ignition (no matches needed) and a regulator that keeps coffee warm for up to four hours. And switch out his tent for an eco-option: the Fool on the Hill Solar Powered Tent comes with a 5W solar panel, lithium solar storage bank, and mobile phone/USB charging adapters so you can charge numerous low-voltage devices (phone, tablet, cameras, and more). Coffeemaker: $129.99,; Tent: $348,

Skull-tablet-holder_0Chic Decor Meets Modern Tech
If you were at Art Basel last year, it was hard to miss the must-have design product: Artist Doug Schwartz's custom Skull Face Tablet Holder was the VIP gift for Miami's W Hotel at the event and folks there were the envy of the crowd. The Detroit-based artist also sells the Skull Faces Collection, all made of high-grade, hand-poured resin, and finished the same way luxury cars are chromed, and all fit for regular-size tablets, mini pads, phones, and business cards, in three finishes: chrome, gold, and the newest (and my fave), the more affordable Matte Black. Bonus: your tablet holder comes in a handcrafted, ink-stamped, birchwood crate. $78,

Bike_0Flying High Again
I'll say it: There is no sexier bicycle on the planet than the Vintage Electric Icon E-Flyer Bike, which is inspired by the board racers from the grand oval motordromes of the World War I era. The Icon E-Flyer is both retro and super modern, an electric vehicle good for up to 35 miles of sustained propulsion on a single charge. Made in California, this bike is an extreme limited edition, made to order in 45 days, but they'll send a gift card to Dad as soon as you buy it. $4,995,

Keurig-rivo_0Coffee to Stay or Go
Want to give Dad breakfast-in-bed for his special day? This year, surprise your coffee-loving dad in bed with a fresh-brewed cup from one of these great new Keurig systems. The Keurig Rivo is the ultimate brewing system, as it makes espresso and froths any type of fresh milk at the touch of a button. (The coolest feature: The three frothing modes deliver milk hot or cold, a major tech upgrade that iced coffee lovers will dig.) And if price is an consideration or Dad's always on the run, the Keurig Elite brews beverages in under a minute (that's more than a minute less than other systems), allows room for a travel mug, and comes in cool colors. Rivo: $229.99; Elite: $119.99,

Home Movies Just Got Better
In the 1960s dads would play old movies projected on a white sheet hung outside the house, a drive-in meets home theater experience. Everyone marveled at the grainy, dark images they saw. The Acer H5380BD Projector is the 21st-century version of that, and it's an amazing gift this year, with a perfect picture and powerful speakers, and it works with all forms of media. Built for home entertainment, the affordable Acer's native 720p resolution makes it an inexpensive way to bring 3D into the home. Works in your living room or home theater, but maybe skip that white sheet. (Trust me: Once you've used the Acer Projector, you'll never go back to traditional TV.) $489,


Binge-Watch Homosocial TV
The breakout HBO hit True Detective is now on Blu-ray with digital HD, so he can binge-watch the entire season. In 1995, Detectives Marty (Woody Harrelson) and Rust (Matthew McConaughey), True-detective_0partners in Louisiana's Criminal Investigation Division, are assigned to a macabre murder by a killer with disturbing occult leanings. As they attempt to uncover the secrets of this bizarre crime, their own lives collide and entwine in unexpected, sometimes catastrophic ways. In 2012, when a similar case leads to an investigation of the original '95 murder by two new detectives, Marty and Rust separately tell the story of the investigation, their lives, and how they've affected each other as detectives, friends, and men, and though neither is gay there's a certain homosocial undertone to the entire relationship. Bonus: Behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew, deleted scenes, and a great one-on-one between creator-executive producer-writer Nic Pizzolatto and legendary composer T Bone Burnett on the series and the pivotal role of music. $79.98,

Spa_0Give Him a Threesome
A spa date is lovely surprise for the husband, and this is even better: the Four Handed Massage, Ole Henriksen's signature massage in which two master therapists, perfectly synchronized, glide their hands across his body. If that's too much, the Japanese Bamboo Spa Ritual, which combines a yuzu mimosa sea algae body cleanse with a tropical rain rinse, firming bamboo polish, cherry blossom rice buff, and a wild lime massage incorporating Japanese shiatsu-inspired techniques. $250 each,

Something for Daddy to Enjoy Too
Face it, until the kids are teens, every dad spends a good amount of time playing on the floor with the kids. But you can only play Candy Land and Jengo so many times before boredom sets in. That's why this amazing new The Simpsons! Lego set -- which includes everything from Ned Flanders's stolen appliances to the posters on Bart's bedroom walls -- is the perfect give for the hands-on pop. This set has all of the classic motifs you've come to love from TV's longest-running comedy, and Lego fans say it's one of the greatest sets made because it's an engrossing building experience for adults and older kids, with great playtime for younger kids. You can also get The Simpsons! Lego Minifigures, which come in a sealed "mystery" bag with their own special accessories, display plate and collector's leaflet. Figures: $3.99; Lego house: $199.99,

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Diane Anderson-Minshall is the CEO of Pride Media, and editorial director of The Advocate, Out, and Plus magazine. She's the winner of numerous awards from GLAAD, the NLGJA, WPA, and was named to Folio's Top Women in Media list. She and her co-pilot of 30 years, transgender journalist Jacob Anderson-Minshall penned several books including Queerly Beloved: A Love Across Genders.
Diane Anderson-Minshall is the CEO of Pride Media, and editorial director of The Advocate, Out, and Plus magazine. She's the winner of numerous awards from GLAAD, the NLGJA, WPA, and was named to Folio's Top Women in Media list. She and her co-pilot of 30 years, transgender journalist Jacob Anderson-Minshall penned several books including Queerly Beloved: A Love Across Genders.