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Maria Bello Announces She's Engaged and 'Grown Up Enough for Marriage'

Maria Bello and Dominique Crenn

Actress Maria Bello stepped out on Oscar night with her new fiancée, chef Dominique Crenn, and announced for the first time publicly that they are engaged, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“We’re pretty happy, considering that we just got engaged,” Bello told ET at Elton John’s Oscar party on Sunday.

“This is sort of our fun time out in Hollywood for the first time. It was very surprising and meant to be, but about time. I’ve finally grown up enough to get married,” Bello said.

The women got engaged in Paris December 29, according to the interview. 

Bello, known for her roles in Coyote Ugly, The Cooler, and A History of Violence, came out in a New York Times opinion piece in 2013, in which she explained that she’d fallen in love with her then best friend, Clare Munn.

"We’re really excited about this new chapter. It’s cool to be out together in Hollywood doing this thing I’ve been doing for 25 years, but with somebody I really enjoy doing it with," Bello said. "Dom’s a chef, so we’ve been to some of her things, but not to Hollywood things."

Crenn is a French chef who owns the San Francisco-based restaurant Atelier Crenn. She is the only female chef in the United States whose restaurant has earned a three-star Michelin rating.

When asked how Bello, 52, and Crenn, 55, knew they were right for each other, Bello replied, “We light each other up.”

“Love and joy,” Crenn said. “And I think we cook for each other too.”

“You’re a lot better cook than I am,” Bello responded.  

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