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Moldova Overturns Antigay Law, Seeks EU Admission

Moldova Overturns Antigay Law, Seeks EU Admission

Moldova has decided to repeal antigay legislation that would ban the promotion of LGBT issues to minors, reports Agence France-Presse.

The government of the Eastern European country narrowly voted Friday to remove a clause that would block the promotion of other "relationships than those linked to marriage and the family," a law similar to Russia’s “gay progapanda” ban.

The repeal is interpreted as a political move, as the former Soviet nation is seeking entry into the European Union. Moldovan officials reportedly plan to sign an Association Agreement with the EU, a formal step in admission, at a summit in Lithuania next month.

Protesters, including Orthodox Christians, surrounded the parliament building Friday in an attempt to stop lawmakers from voting on the measure.

"Today they are allowing this propaganda and tomorrow they will allow gay marriages," Ghenadie Valuta, a priest, told AFP.

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