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Michael Cohen Admits Trump's Loss in OnlyFans Video to Gay Adult Star

Michael Cohen and Matthew Camp

Michael Cohen (kind of) professed his love for a gay porn star on OnlyFans.

Donald Trump's former attorney recorded a video for Matthew Camp — a request made through Cameo, a service in which public figures make clips for fans with predetermined scripts for a price. Cohen charges $100 per video.

Camp then uploaded the Cameo video to Twitter and his account on OnlyFans, a content subscription service popular with sex workers and other creators like musicians and fitness experts.

“I just want to say how amazing Matthew Camp is on OnlyFans,” Cohen said in the short clip. “Having a blast, enjoying every minute with you guys. Good luck. Love it. Stay safe. Stay COVID-free. And again, OnlyFans, having a blast with him."

Social media reactions were predictably gobsmacked by the intersection of the spheres of gay porn and politics. However, the video is also notable for Cohen acknowledging Trump's defeat in the 2020 presidential election — a concession the Republican himself or many of his supporters have not yet made.

In the clip, Cohen introduced himself as the former personal attorney of the president, who is "now actually gonna be former President Donald J. Trump."

Cohen left Trump's employ in 2018, when he pled guilty to charges that included campaign finance violations, which he claimed he did with the intent to influence the outcome of the 2016 election at his old boss's direction. For his crimes, Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison and is currently serving the remainder of his time under house arrest due to COVID-19 concerns. He is also now disbarred.

Watch the video below.

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