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It's a man's world, but for gay men, it would be nothing without a big, fabulous black woman. Queen of comedy Mo'Nique sees this relationship as symbiotic and mutual, so the big-boned star of the new romantic comedy Phat Girlz rang up The Advocate to share a few belly laughs and a whole lotta love.

Mo'Nique, what's behind the long-running love affair between gay men and big black gals? I think it's because we're both the underdog. And we like divas. I'm a diva, and you're a diva--in a wonderful way. We like to shine, but nobody likes us to shine, so we're each other's cheerleader. Why not have a love affair?

Your on-screen alter ego in Phat Girlz, Jazmin, has a gay best friend, played by Felix Pire. Will gay people relate to Phat Girlz? Hell, yeah, because it's about self-acceptance. When did you tell your mother and father you were gay? You have to get up enough courage to go to your parents and say, "I want to introduce you to somebody--it's me." With the fat girls, we have to get up enough courage to look in the mirror and say, "I love my rolls. I love my assets. I love all about me." And at the end of the movie you feel good. That's why I told my publicist, "You need to call The Advocate--because that's my audience!" And for years you guys have stood behind me with your pom-poms, like, "Sister, we got you." And I love you all for that.

You play a very different, serious role in Shadowboxer--the cuckolded junkie girlfriend of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. How did director Lee Daniels explain your role to you? He said, "You are going to be a big, black, beautiful woman who's a junkie." And that's who she was, and you watch this girl hit rock bottom--with the little crust around her lips! But I said, "That's not attractive, honey! I want to be a fabulous crackhead!"

Have you ever been cuckolded like that in real life? Hell, no. I wouldn't be here today to talk about it. I would be inmate number E63-CJ2!

You better be good to mama if that happens! Baby, if they gave me 20 years to life, I'm gonna be good to a couple of mamas. I'm going to say, "Listen, who's the toughest bitch here? Because I'm your wife! We are together!"

Some gays have criticized The L Word because it doesn't include representations of the gorgeous big lesbians out there. Would you like to fix that and get cast on the show? Nope!

Oh? Why not? Because there's nobody on there that I'm attracted to! [Laughs] Oh, baby, if the role was juicy and good, yes!

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