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WATCH: 9 Strangest Rants From NOM's Failed March for Marriage

WATCH: 9 Strangest Rants From NOM's Failed March for Marriage

Tim Huelskamp X400 0
Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Real men oppose marriage equality and help the women desperately seeking a husband.

“Every man in America, every man in this crowd, every husband in America, your children need you,” the Kansas congressman said. “Your woman, your wife, she needs you. It’s time that you become a real man and stand up for those who need you. Love your family, love your wife, love your children because they desperately need you. They’re desperately looking for a husband, they’re desperately looking for a father. Be a real man of God because this is about you and your wife and your children.”

William Owens X400 0
Rev. William Owens: The movement for marriage equality is not a real civil rights movement.

“This is no civil rights movement,” said Owens, head of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, which is basically a NOM front group. “This is a bully movement. This is about a lot of bullies intimidating. We had the real civil rights movement. … I didn’t march one yard, one foot, for the same sex to get married.”

Ruben Diaz X400 0
Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.: The people never voted on marriage equality.

“Let them vote on it,” Diaz, a state senator in New York, said in Spanish, followed by an English translation. “Why are they so afraid?” Diaz ignored that marriage equality has been upheld by popular vote in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State. He also said that “Satan took over the schools” after government-sponsored prayer in public schools was ruled unconstitutional.


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