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Breathtaking Wedding Photos From Down Under

Breathtaking Wedding Photos From Down Under

We never get tired of beautiful wedding photos. Every time there is surprise and delight in seeing images of same-sex couples share in the emotion and beauty of a wedding ceremony.

Frank Farrugia's work helps carry the message into the mainstream. Australia's top-selling photography publication, Capture, has just placed one of Same Love's photos on the cover. Even non-LGBT publications are taking a stand against Australia's sluggishness in making marriage equality happen.

Farrugia tells us, "I also work closely with the main organization pushing marriage equality in Australia [Australian Marriage Equality] and have been for two years now. Since then we've photographed the likes of Kylie Minogue and other Australian celebrities."

Included in this portfolio are weddings that are "world first" events: The British Consulate wedding is the world's first U.K. consulate gay wedding (Peter and Gordon), and the world's first Scottish gay wedding took place through the U.K. consulate (Peter and Douglas).

The next step? Farrugia hopes to have a book deal soon and is already in production with greeting cards using Same Love's wonderful images. (Contact them below to get early distribution!)

For more information and great images: Same Love Photography.

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Ivan and Chris

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Ivan and Chris

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Ivan and Chris

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Ivan and Chris


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