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WATCH: Does Don Lemon's Question to Muslim Lawyer Reach New Insensitive Heights?

WATCH: Does Don Lemon's Question to Muslim Lawyer Reach New Insensitive Heights?


Out CNN reporter Don Lemon seems to be doing his best to secure a repeat of his 2014 victory, when he was named the year's worst journalist.

Don Lemon, the out CNN reporter so prone to insensitive on-air gaffes that he's inspired his own sarcastic hashtag, may have made his most ludicrous statement yet during Wednesday's coverage of the deadly terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

While interviewing prominent Muslim human rights lawyer and author Arsalan Iftikhar about the possible connections the Paris gunmen may have had with radical Islamic terrorists, Lemon asked a question so incredulous that his guest verbally balked.

Iftikhar, who founded The Muslim Guy website, had just finished explaining how the violent, inhumane acts of a few psychotic fanatics cannot be equated with a religion observed by an estimated 20 percent of the world's population.

But Lemon, who was recently named the worst journalist of 2014 by the Columbia Journalism Review, was unfazed.

The anchor pointed to an August 2014 Newsweek poll that found 16 percent of French citizens were "Islamic extremists," asking if those citizens subsequently supported ISIS, the Islamist terrorist group currently controlling parts of Iraq and Syria, reports Raw Story.

"Again in August, 16 percent of French citizens support ISIS," Lemon said after Iftikhar explained the error in equating last year's poll results with supporting the murder of innocent people. "Would you describe those who support ISIS as Islamic extremists? Do you support ISIS?"

"Wait," Iftikhar said, visibly stunned. "Did you just ask me if I support ISIS? I just answered your question. I said that obviously these 16 percent of people support the ideology, but again, I don't think that would necessarily extrapolate to supporting of killing of innocent people."

Watch the incredible exchange below, then enjoy some of our favorite additions to the Twitter hashtag #DonLemonReporting, which first emerged in November 2014 when Lemon told Joan Tarshis, one of the first women to publicly accuse Bill Cosby of rape in the recent onslaught of allegations, that "there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn't want to do it..." He went on to suggest "the using of the teeth... as a weapon."

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