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Arizona Gov. Says She Will 'Do the Right Thing' on Anti-LGBT Bill

Arizona Gov. Says She Will 'Do the Right Thing' on Anti-LGBT Bill

The Arizona governor said she would “do the right thing” for Arizona, in regards to her review of a bill that could open the door to legal LGBT discrimination.

Jan Brewer, speaking to CNN Monday at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington, D.C., said she would review SB 1062, a bill that would permit business owners to refuse service to LGBT people and others under the guise of religious freedom, when she returns to Arizona later this week. She has until Friday or Saturday to decide whether to sign or veto the bill. It will automatically become law if she takes no action.

“I'm going to go home, and when I receive the bill, I'm going to read it and I'm going to be briefed on it. We have been following it. And I will make my decision in the near future,” the Republican politician said. “I can assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the state of Arizona.”

Arizona's U.S. senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, have used Twitter to voice their hopes that Brewer will veto the bill.

"I hope Governor Brewer will veto #SB1062," McCain tweeted Monday morning, after Flake sent nearly the same message Saturday afternoon.

The Republican leaders join a growing opposition to the measure from both the public and private sectors. Andrew Wilder, Brewer’s spokesman, confirmed that the governor had a phone meeting with Apple officials, who asked Brewer to veto the measure, reports the Arizona Capitol Times.

The tech giant plans to open a large sapphire glass manufacturing plant just outside of Phoenix, which would employ up to 700 workers, a move that was considered a major coup for Brewer’s administration. Eighty-three other companies, including AT&T, voiced their opposition to SB 1062 in a letter sent Friday by the Arizona Technology Council.

Sources close to the governor report that she will likely veto the bill in order to avoid an economic backlash.

“She doesn’t want to take any actions that could jeopardize the economic momentum we’ve seen here in Arizona,” an unnamed source told United Press International.

Watch CNN's interview with Brewer below.

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