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Fischer: With ENDA, 'Flaming' Gays Will Sue Christian Businesses

Fischer: With ENDA, 'Flaming' Gays Will Sue Christian Businesses

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer took his wingnuttery a bit far on Friday, claiming on his radio show that the proposed Employment Nondiscrimination Act will lead to "flaming homosexuals" storming Christian bookstores and demanding jobs.

"Once [ENDA] goes into effect, which says that no business can discriminate against anybody no matter how bizarre their sexual perversity is, their sexual deviancy is, no matter how abnormal their sexual orientation is, you cannot take that into account in personnel decisions..." If the law goes into effect, "the homosexual lobby will send a flaming homosexual into that Christian bookstore to apply for a job. They'll send a guy in there wearing stillettos, a dress, and dangly earrings and dare the owner of that Christian bookstore not to hire him."

Fischer also saves some ire for Congressman and former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who supports ENDA.

"This is a horrible bill for a social conservative to support since it would mean the absolute end of religious liberty and freedom of association in the marketplace," Fischer says. "It would, in other words, gut the First Amendment... In fact, ENDA would repressent the return of Jim Crow laws."

Gay people can be legally fired in 29 states, while transgender workers can be sacked in 34.

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