Denver Police Announces Nation's Most Progressive Trans Policies

Denver Police Announces Nation's Most Progressive Trans Policies

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado recently announced that the Denver, Colorado, Sheriff's Department has issued new policies about how they'll be dealing with transgender inmates. The Center’s transgender programs coordinator Courtney Gray., the new policy will change everything from "transport to booking and housing" making it the most progessive policy in the nation. 


“The end goal was always safety for all inmate," said Gray. "We want to make sure transgender individuals are able to serve out their sentence without further harm. We also want to make sure the system honors their identity.”

Among the policy changes include allowing trans inmates to use their preferred name and pronoun, choose the gender of the person who searches them, and incorporates trans inmates into work release, classes, and other group activities, according to LGBTQNation. There will now be a transgender review board with a LGBT community advocate who can help staff determine where the inmate should be placed as well. 

The new policies go into place in January.



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