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Fox Uses Mrs. Doubtfire Image to Mock Transpeople

Fox Uses Mrs. Doubtfire Image to Mock Transpeople

Fox Nation, a website for Fox News, used an image from Mrs. Doubtfire, the film in which Robin Williams dons female drag in order to work as a nanny to his own children, to accompany a story about transgender healthcare, according to Media Matters, "adding to the website's long history of using offensive images to mock and demonize transgender people."

Media Matters reported that Fox Nation posted a Newsmax.com article describing new regulations in California and Oregon that require insurance companies to cover medically necessary treatments for transgender patients ln January 13. The article was accompanied by a photo of Mrs. Doubtfire's fake breasts aflame under serving pans, ostensibly to poke fun at trans people.

In response, Basic Rights Oregon launched a petition to demand that Fox "stop dehumanizing transgender people" and they linked to Equality Matter's long list of transphobic articles from Fox.

Fox removed the Doubtfire image, replacing it with an image of a stethoscope, two days later, but has yet to apologize.

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