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Here's How Trans Folks Welcomed Caitlyn Jenner to the Twitterverse

Here's How Trans Folks Welcomed Caitlyn Jenner to the Twitterverse


The consensus? You look beautiful, Caitlyn. Now let's get to work fighting systemic transphobia.


Caitlyn Jenner kicked off Pride Month in a big way today, with a glamorous Vanity Fair cover, shot by iconic out photographer Annie Leibovitz, proclaiming "Call Me Caitlyn."

The former Olympian and Kardashian stepparent, once known to the world as Bruce, revealed her new name (and preferred pronouns) in an exclusive feature that was by and large well-received.

She also joined Twitter on Monday, and like the champion she is, promptly smashed the record for fastest accrual of one million followers. Just last month, Barack Obama's @POTUS account garnered 1 million followers in roughly five hours; Jenner surpassed the million mark in less than four hours. She thanked her supporters with a sweet tweet:

While many celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jenner's doppelganger Jessica Lange, celebrated the newly out trans woman's unquestionably gorgeous debut, The Advocate was paying special attention to how trans people responded to the viral hashtag #CallMeCaitlyn. And one predominant theme emerged: Celebrate Jenner, then use that energy to focus on disenfranchised trans women.

Best-selling author and MSNBC host Janet Mock summed it up most succinctly (with just a touch of snark):

Trans queer artist, writer, and photographer Sophia Banks was ready to pivot the conversation to life-and-death struggles that are facing countless trans Americans:

Lourdes Ashley Hunter, the National Director for the Trans Women of Color Collective, applauded Jenner's truth, then refocused the conversation on ways to support trans women in need.

Indeed, many activists focused on the systemic issues facing transgender Americans -- and trans women specifically.

Some trans advocates simply applauded Jenner's flawless photos, while still connecting her Internet-breaking debut to broader visibility issues facing trans women:

Some trans activists, however, were less than thrilled:

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