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#TBT: What Gay Pride Looked Like in 1970

July22 1970 Advocate 0
Above: The July 22-August 4, 1970 issue of The Advocate

Two side-by-side articles from The Advocate, July 22-August 4, 1970, offer descriptions and photos of the first parades and celebrations following the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Nancy Tucker wrote of the New York march, "Some two to three thousand homosexuals from cities around the East Coast gathered here on June 28 and marched from Greenwich Village to Central Park to demonstrate for 'Gay Pride' and 'Gay Power.'"

Covering the Los Angeles Pride Parade, an accompanying article states: "The Gay Community of Los Angeles made its contribution to Americana on June 28. Over 1,000 homosexuals and their friends staged, not just a protest march, but a full blown parade down world-famous Hollywood Boulevard."

On the following pages are photographs that ran with the articles.

Flags, banners, and a large crowd on Hollywood Boulevard.

Reverend Troy Perry in front of Bonds on Hollywood Boulevard.


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