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Coming Out in Print

Bob Paris, Rod Jackson
Issue 546, March 13, 1990
Professional bodybuilder Paris revealed he’s gay during an interview with Ironman magazine in 1989. The two had a commitment ceremony the same year and frequently lectured about LGBT issues. The couple eventually broke up in 1996.

“The reason Bob and I can get through so much prejudice and hate is because when people come up to us and say, ‘Is this your friend?’ we say ‘No, this is my spouse. This is my husband.’ We look them in the eye, and they always respect us. They’ve never had a gay person with that much self-respect say that to them.”


Sheila James Kuehl

Issue 553, June 19, 1990
This child actress turned politician spent her youth on TV, starring as the irrepressible Zelda Gilroy on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and turning up on other shows, such as The Beverly Hillbillies and The Ed Sullivan Show. She recalled for us that hearing that her Dobie Gillis spin-off wouldn’t be picked up coincided with her realization that she was a lesbian. No matter, Harvard eventually came calling, and she earned a law degree there. She later served in the California Assembly and Senate from 1994 to 2008, and her accomplishments there include strengthening hate-crimes and antidiscrimination laws, especially as they deal with gender identity and sexual orientation.

“I was told by the director that the president of CBS turned the pilot down because Zelda was too butch. I didn’t really react when he said that, but it sent a cold chill down my back.”


Sandra Bernhard
Issue 554, July 3 1990
The outspoken bisexual comedian spoke to The Advocate about her attention-grabbing relationship with Madonna and surprised many by revealing she was at the time dating a man.

“There is no closet [for me] to come out of; there’s no concern. With the exception of political figures who are gay and voting antigay, which is a whole different thing, I think outing is just an invasion of people’s privacy.”


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