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robert garcia

Rep. Robert Garcia calls out Peru for classifying trans, intersex & nonbinary people as mentally ill

The California Democrat, who is Peruvian American, called the move ‘discriminatory, dangerous and shameful.’

Gay lawmaker Robert Garcia hosted Free Comic Book Day on Capitol Hill

California Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia shared his love of comic books with anyone who wanted to stop by his office.

Superman, Batman, and Robert Garcia: A gay Democrat’s stand against his political villains

The California congressman, who lives rent-free in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s head, opens up about his experience as a rising star who’s at the same time witnessing and standing in the way of Republicans’ worst inclinations.

Democrat Robert Garcia calls Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘insane’ after she storms out of hearing

In a heated exchange over January 6 insurrectionist support, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hastily exited a House hearing, prompting Rep. Robert Garcia to label her behavior as ‘insane.’

Gay Democratic reps demand Pentagon resolve cases of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ dishonorable discharges

Lawmakers have pressed the Department of Defense in a new letter for faster action on injustices stemming from the DADT policy.

Rep. Robert Garcia calls out ‘Trump crime family’ in House speech

The California Democrat accused former President Donald Trump and the Kuschners engaging in history’s most significant presidential grift.

Out Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia goes viral with ‘Real Housewives’ Donald Trump critique

The gay congressman from California referenced a legendary confrontation on the reality-tv franchise.

'You, Sir, Are a Crook,' GOP Lawmaker Tells George Santos in House Debate

During debate over his expulsion, Santos, a gay Republican from New York, pointed out he has not been convicted of any crime.

George Santos Complains That He’s Being Bullied Out of Congress, Announces Own Expulsion Motion

During an early morning press conference, Santos claimed that he was the victim of bullying. He also said he's going to try to expell a Democratic lawmaker.

Watch George Santos Be Defiant and Dramatic as He Faces Another House Expulsion Vote

Santos took to the House floor Tuesday to argue his case against being expelled from Congress. A vote on Friday will decide his legislative fate.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Mad That Fellow Republicans Might Expel Her Friend George Santos

The Georgia Republican anti-LGBTQ+ lawmaker expressed frustration over GOP leadership’s handling of the gay embattled New York congressman, contrasting it with stalled impeachment efforts.

George Santos Still Dismisses Calls to Resign: 'I'm Not Leaving'

The gay New York lawmaker, embroiled in controversy and criminal charges, stood firm against resignation during a contentious online interview, where Congressman Robert Garcia confronted him with demands for apology and resignation.

Third Vote on Expulsion Looms for George Santos After House Ethics Report

As the House reconvenes post-Thanksgiving, embattled New York Rep. Santos faces a critical vote following Ethics Committee’s damning report.

George Santos Spent Big Bucks on Designer Luxuries & OnlyFans Porn, Says He’s Done Talking

The House Ethics Committee’s report unveils U.S. Rep. George Santos’s misuse of campaign funds, including spending on OnlyFans, as Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia continues to call for his expulsion.

George Santos Pleads Not Guilty to 10 New Charges Amid Growing Calls for Expulsion

The New York fabulist faces a federal judge while expulsion efforts intensify as GOP voices discuss due process and a defiant Santos vows not to resign ahead of trial.

Democrats Introduce Bills to Create National LGBTQ+ History and Culture Museum

Legislation was introduced to establish a dedicated museum within the Smithsonian Institution, which garnered broad support from the Congressional Equality Caucus.

Fraud, Conspiracy, and Falsifying Records: New Indictments for Congressman George Santos

From conspiracy to credit card fraud, the layered legal quagmire around the lying congressman George Santos increases, as do calls for his resignation.


Dianne Feinstein Remembered by Political Leaders as a 'Titan' in the U.S. Senate

The nation mourns a trailblazer in politics, advocate for women’s rights, and champion for LGBTQ+ equality.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasted for Call for Decorum After Displaying Sexual Photos

At least one Democrat who lives in the Georgia congresswoman’s head rent free mocked her for her demand.

House Democrats Introduce Gender-Neutral Laws Bill

The legislation seeks to removed gendered language from the U.S. Code.