Postcards from Divine

March 7 is the 25th anniversary of Divine's passing, and here we look back at some of her own travels.


  UPDATED: March 07 2013 2:19 AM ET

For most of us, drag pioneer Divine probably conjures images of big hair, big boobs, and John Waters. But the guys behind Everything Divine Inc. want to ensure we know there's more to Divine, born Harris Glenn Milstead.

In Postcards From Divine, compiled by enthusiasts Noah Brodie, Dan Marshall, Michael O'Quinn, and Divine's mother, Frances Milstead, Divine's journey is shown as she traveled the globe from 1977 and 1987. Divine died on March 7, 1988.

The book also includes rare photos, quotes, and stories from friends and colleagues, including Waters, Mink Stole, Mary Vivian Pearce, Tab Hunter, Deborah Harry, Jerry Stiller, Ricki Lake, and others.

Check out some photos and postcards from Divine's travels on the following pages.

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