Hot Sheet: Spiders and Mobsters and Pop Stars (Oh My!)

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Robin Roberts, the New Jersey Symphony, Cam Gigandet, the Swedish siren Robyn, and that ‘amazing’ superhero who does whatever a spider can.



9.  FILM: Bad Johnson
In his review in Variety, Andrew Barker said Bad Johnson is what “It's a Wonderful Life [would] look like if Clarence the angel were replaced by the human personification of George Bailey's sentient penis.” It’s a fairly accurate comparison of this surprisingly touching comedy about a man who seems incapable of maintaining a relationship and whose member takes on a life of its own, teaching both parties lessons about life and love. Written by Jeff Tetreault, a bespectacled writer who moonlights as a go-go boy at various West Hollywood gay clubs, Bad Johnson is sure to attract some attention from gay audiences and beyond. Bad Johnson opens today in select theaters. Watch the trailer below. – Daniel Reynolds

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