WATCH: Trans Rollergirl Featured in New Pet Shop Boys Video



The video for the Pet Shop Boys' anthemic new single "Winner" continues the song's message of perseverance and features an appearance by Dirty Diana, a transgender member of the London Rollergirls.

The website for the British all-female league describes the team as striving "for a diverse league, truly representative of the Greater London community and welcomes people from all backgrounds to participate regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality."

Diana is a newcomer to the league and is mentored by Shaolynn Scarlett, her rollerwife. "I want to help her grow into herself a little more while she's playing roller derby and help her to gain more confidence so she can develop into the woman she's meant to me," Scarlett says in the video.

The track is from the band's upcoming album, Elysium, which is due September 18. Watch "Winner" below.

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