The Irrepressibles Lead Singer Talks About Being Gay and the Men He's Loved

Jamie McDermott, out singer of The Irrepressibles, discusses his new album, his influences, and being gay in the music industry now.



You've been compared to Antony and the Johnsons, Kate Bush, and even other large ensemble troupes like Arcade Fire. Are these comparisons accurate? Who are some of your influences musically?
These comparisons are great. I am, in fact, only influenced by Kate Bush in terms of who you list, but Bowie, Buckley, Chet Baker, David Lynch, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood are big influences. 
The latest single off this album is Two Men in Love. Who was your first love? Does love influence your work today?
I fell in love when I was at school. It changed my perspective on life. It was unrequited and as a socially reclusive child I became very depressed.   At that time it wasn't okay to be gay and I was bullied viscously. I made it a mission to explain the beauty of being gay in my music. At least it's what I hope to do, to be honest. 
If you knew an up and coming singer who was gay, what advice would you give him about being gay in the music industry, or just life in general?
Make work about your life. You are unique and difference is what the music industry needs. New perspectives make for innovation. 
What’s next for you and The Irrepressibles? 
We are touring the new album Nude internationally with a new vision I had of a live show, set amongst films about memory, emancipation and homosexual love. Aside from this I'm contributing music for film and performing vocals for some amazing electronic artists which will be released this year. It's a busy time but I'm obsessed with being part of music. 
Nude is available now.
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