WATCH: Jason Collins Says Duck Dynasty Star Was Untouchable During SOTU

The out NBA player sat near Willie Robertson during the State of the Union address but couldn’t reach out to the reality star due to the hordes of Republican congressmen jockeying for photo ops.



Out NBA player Jason Collins says he would like to have had a conversation with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson at President Obama’s State of the Union address, but was unable to because the reality star was perpetually plagued by Republican congressmen competing for his attention, reports TMZ.

"They were moving [Robertson] from one Republican to another Republican [all night],” Collins, who was First Lady Michelle Obama’s guest in D.C., told TMZ. “I wish that he wasn’t moving as quick and we could’ve had an opportunity to talk, have a brief conversation, because it starts with a conversation. It starts with extending your hand.”

The Duck flock became the subject of widespread controversy when the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, compared homosexuality to bestiality, prostitution, adultery, alcoholism, and terrorism, claiming LGBT people were illogical “sinners” in an interview with GQ magazine.

Watch Collins’s interview with TMZ below.