Actually I don’t know what’s gay about NASCAR except Jeff Gordon.* But someone—I forget who, maybe GLAAD, but someone in any case—does a study each year about how many gays there are on TV. And each year, apparently, we’re underrepresented.

But not from where I sit. Maybe they’re only counting the big networks? The prime-time narrative shows? Are they leaving out reality programming? Soaps? Jerry Springer and Tyra Banks? Because in a DVR world, none of those distinctions matter. For me, if the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past is making out with a male space alien on Aqua Teen Hunger Force at 1 a.m. on the Cartoon Network, that’s all the gay I need. It counts.

I haven’t done a study obviously, but this fall it’s going to be extremely homosexualish all over the nation’s flat screens. Here’s stuff you should start looking for very soon:

Modern Family: A sitcom about three families in the same neighborhood. One of them is a gay male couple with an adopted baby. I saw an extended commercial for this one playing at a local movie theater (not sure why they do that, but whatever) and the gays look pretty typical in terms of their let’s-all-get-offended-and-take-a-stand-for-gay-pride behavior, but that might just be the pilot. Maybe they’ll mellow out after a while. Or not. Straight audiences love their gays to behave in certain dumb ways. It may just be a phase the world is going through.

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