Rebel Wilson Revs Channing Tatum's Engine in New MTV Awards Promo

The funny girl takes the GI Joe star for an unforgettable ride in this hot and hilarious teaser.



From stealing scenes in Bridesmaids to serving high hilarity in Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson is quickly becoming one of our favorite Australian imports.

Thankfully, MTV has wisely chosen the fabulous funny girl to host the upcoming 2013 MTV Movie Awards and from the two promos that have been released, it appears we’re in for big laughs on April 14. It's only a few minutes, but already she’s riding Channing Tatum into the danger zone, or deep-throating candy bars in captivity.

When asked during a 2012 interview with The Advocate  if she noticed many lesbian fans were crushing on her, Wilson said, "You know, I do notice on Twitter that a lot of girls write to me and they either say, 'I want to be your best friend,' or they say, 'I have a total girl crush on you.' I’m like 'Awww.'"


Watch the promo below.

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