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April 04 2002 1:00 AM ET

Everett, Deneuve to star in new Dangerous Liaisons Editors

April 03 2002 1:00 AM ET

Boy George to join the cast of his own stage musical Editors

April 02 2002 1:00 AM ET

New Joe Keenan pilot to feature Alfred Molina Editors

March 30 2002 1:00 AM ET

Liza: My husband's not gay! Editors

March 30 2002 1:00 AM ET

ABC cancels Once and Again Editors

March 29 2002 1:00 AM ET

Rosie talks about being "not gay enough" Editors

March 29 2002 1:00 AM ET

Thursday's ER may spell doom for Dr. Weaver's girlfriend Editors

March 28 2002 1:00 AM ET

Robert De Niro talks up new Queen musical Editors

March 27 2002 1:00 AM ET

Rosie O'Donnell attacks cheapskate celebrities Editors

March 26 2002 1:00 AM ET

Controversial A Beautiful Mind wins four Oscars Editors