SNL: How Do You Make Mitt Romney Seem Gay Friendly?

Saturday Night Live had some parting shots for Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum to commemorate the end of the Republican primary.



Saturday Night Live imagined a moment of camaraderie between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum at a bar together looking back on the Republican primary.

"You're the only candidate who could ever make me look exciting," Santorum thanks Romney.

"And you're the only candidate who could make me look gay friendly," Romney answers.

To celebrate the end of a hard-fought primary, Santorum orders a chocolate milk. And Romney orders a napkin.

Eventually nearly all of the Republican candidates show up at the party, with Romney joking that Bachmann was crashing the boys' night.

"Oh, I've crashed a lot of boys nights," Bachmann says, "usually, when I come home early and unannounced."

Watch the video via Mediaite (via NBC).

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