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Selective Outrage

Selective Outrage

COMMENTARY: Gays call out the hypocrisy and homophobia of conservative Christianity with remarkable élan. Why isn’t Islam being held to the same standard?

Revive the Conversation

Revive the Conversation 

Commentary: Why HIV/AIDS issues need to return to the forefront of the gay community's collective consciousness.

Now you just enjoy this moment

“Now You Just Enjoy This Moment”

Domestic Daddy blogger Christopher Nordquist shares a gay dad's account of his daughter's birth by a surrogate.

Eddie Long and the Black Church

Eddie Long and the Black Church

Advocate contributor Clay Cane says homophobia in the black church is to blame for Bishop Eddie Long's alleged crimes — crimes that will continue as long as gays and their supporters let the hate speech slide.

Michael Lucas Confronts Ann Coulter

Michael Lucas vs. Ann Coulter

Porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas thinks Ann Coulter is "admirable" and "worthy of respect," but that didn't stop him from confronting her over the weekend at the conservative gathering dubbed Homocon. Watch here.

The End of Floridas Adoption Ban

Looking Back on the Ban

Equality Florida executive director Nadine Smith recalls the hard-fought battle to allow gays and lesbians to adopt children in the Sunshine State.

Charles Perez on Florida Gay Adoption Ban

In Florida the Earth Has Shifted

Former TV news anchor Charles Perez celebrated the end of Florida's gay adoption ban and looks back at the tireless efforts of many that brought us to this day.

The Good and the Very Bad Going to College and Being LGBT

The Good and the Very Bad

Campus Pride's Shane L. Windmeyer says his organization's State of Higher Education for LGBT People report finally gives a voice to the experiences of LGBT student, faculty, and staff.

Senate Still Responsible for DADT Repeal

Senate Still Responsible for Repeal

The Palm Center’s Aaron Belkin says Thursday’s ruling declaring “don’t ask, don’t tell” unconstitutional deserves praise, but now all eyes must turn to the Senate.

A Soldiers Victory

A Soldier's Victory

Maj. Mike Almy, an Air Force officer who was discharged in 2006, writes about Thursday’s victory in the Log Cabin Republicans’ lawsuit against DADT, in which he testified about a stellar career cut short by a discriminatory policy.

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