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Oped Demonizing David Kato to Further Antigay Sentiment

 Op-ed: Demonizing David Kato to Further Antigay Sentiment

The story advanced by the prosecutor at sentencing feeds into the lie that Ugandans — and in particular their children — are in grave danger unless homosexuality is criminalized.

Oped Why Dont Male Children Matter

Op-ed: Why Don’t Male Children Matter?

In the hyper-masculine world of sports, why don't crimes against boys matter?

Why The Oscars Now Needs a Gay Host

Why the Oscars Now Needs a Gay Host

With Brett Ratner out as producer and Eddie Murphy out as host, there is one well-justified way to perform Academy Awards damage control. Let us suggest a few gay hosts.

Op ed Movements Do Not Stop and Start Every Two Years

Op-ed: Movements Don't Stop and Start Every Two Years

When the Senate Judiciary Committee convenes to vote today on the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, it could have far-reaching impacts that are difficult to imagine now.

Oped Brett Ratner a Hollywood Homophobe

 Op-ed: Brett Ratner, a Hollywood Homophobe

Victoria A. Brownworth notes how fast things happen in Hollywood — green lighting a project, making a few million, crashing and burning your career.

Oped A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton AIDS Strategy

Op-ed: A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton's AIDS Strategy

It remains unclear exactly how this new strategy will impact epidemics among gay men and other key populations. In fact, the speech hardly mentioned them at all.

Oped Making Marriage About Commitment

Op-ed: We Should Make Marriage About Commitment

There are three reasons that setting aside the rights argument in favor of talking about lifetime commitment is crucial.

Advice Now What My Boss Sent Me a Friend Request

Advice: Now What? My Boss Sent Me a “Friend” Request

Q: I’m lucky that I work for a company where I’m totally out, and there are several other LGBT staffers that I’ve become friendly with.

Oped Sex Rehab Gets Sexier on TV

 Op-ed: Sex Rehab Gets Sexier on TV

After therapist intern Athena Brewer watches Logo’s new show, Bad Sex, she comes away with a pointed take on whether her counterpart in the show is making a difference to sex-addicted patients.

Oped Why Our Family Is Fighting DOMA

Op-ed: Why Our Family Is Fighting DOMA

Army Lt. Col. Victoria Hudson, who is suing the federal government for equal access to benefits, explains how the Defense of Marriage Act harms military families.

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