A Day in Gay America

A Day in Gaylarious America

We asked the LGBT comedians we love on our Gaysayer Twitter feed to be a part of "A Day in Gay America." Be forewarned, you can never un-see these photos.



11:35 A.M., Lake Tahoe, Calif.: Erin Foley tells us, "I had to go to Ross to buy a hat, a scarf, and some gloves before my shows at The Improv at Harvey’s. We got seven inches of unexpected snow!"

12:00 P.M., West Hollywood, Calif.: Dana Goldberg is staying hydrated at the Annual Lesbian Field Day.

12:30 P.M., Los Angeles: Jason Dudey: "A little mani-pedi never hurt a stand up comedian. I need pretty hands to hold the mic and I work on my feet. It's a rough life."

1:00 P.M., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:  Brad Loekle judging the sandcastle competition as a 'bathing beauty' for Atlantis Events at The Hard Rock Hotel. "Why yes, that IS a banana in my bathing suit."