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Op-ed: Hospitals Are Failing LGBTs

Op-ed: Hospitals Are Failing Our Community

Though there is improvement, too many LGBT patients are still suffering because of discrimination by hospitals, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

The Welcome Side Effect of PrEP

The Welcome Side Effect of PrEP

A spike in relationships that bridge the so-called viral divide may be an unintended side effect of the use of PrEP for HIV prevention.

Op-ed: We Need Every Tool to End HIV

Op-ed: We Need Every Tool to End HIV

HIV-negative gay men have a responsibility to use every tool at their disposal, including PrEP, to stay negative.

Day 11: Are Condoms Enough?

Day 9: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Love

Day 7: PrEP Isn't Just for Gay Men

As PrEP Becomes More Available, Couples With One Poz Partner Consider Treatment

Should All Serodiscordant Couples Use PrEP?

Serodiscordant relationships, in which one partner is negative and the other is positive, seem like an ideal situation to use PrEP, but many couples are forgoing the treatment. Why?

Op-ed: Put Away the Pitchforks And Let's Talk About PrEP

Put Away the Pitchforks And Let’s Talk About PrEP

In partnership between HIV Plus magazine and The Advocate, this series is a response to conversation about PrEP that's been derailed by slut-shaming.

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