WATCH: Former White House Aide: Supreme Court Will Overturn DOMA

Richard Socarides, who was LGBT adviser to President Clinton, tells Eliot Spitzer there's reason for optimism.



Richard Socarides
Richard Socarides

Richard Socarides, who once advised President Clinton on LGBT issues, thinks it’s likely the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

President Obama has pressed the court for quick action in DOMA cases. Discussing the matter Thursday with Eliot Spitzer on Spitzer’s Current TV show, Socarides notes that the court has four progressive justices, plus Anthony Kennedy, “who’s written the two most important pro–gay rights decisions on the court so far.” Also, given the surprising ruling by Chief Justice John Roberts upholding President Obama’s health care reform law, he may vote to overturn the law as well, Socarides says.

The interview and a Web-exclusive extended conversation are available below.