Aug Sept 2016
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Cyber Attack Shuts Down Antigay Website

Cyber Attack Shuts Down Antigay Website

As the battle for marriage equality in New Zealand heats up, anonymous hackers brought down a new website devoted to denying equality.

The "Protect Marriage" website, sponsored by a group called Family First, was unavailable after only a few hours of launching. Its webhosting company managed to get the site back up, but later took the site down because its servers were in danger of crashing; the web host called the hacking one of the "largest unprecedented attacks" on a website in New Zealand.

Family First is working to get the site back up; they're under the gun as a politician is pushing a marriage equality bill forward.

The anti-equality group is also catching heat for using the Train song "Marry Me" on their website; the group said on Twitter that the song was unauthorized. Read more here.