Dan Savage Says Heterosexual People Should be 'Offended' Over Antigay Marriage Equality Arguments

During a recent Q&A at Southwestern University, the It Gets Better Project cofounder humorously highlighted why antigay arguments supporting DOMA and Prop 8 should be upsetting to heterosexuals.



During a recent Q&A at Southwestern University, columnist and It Gets Better Project co-founder Dan Savage humorously pointed out a few of the reasons why heterosexual people should be offended over the illogical arguments of those supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

“Literally, what they are arguing in the DOMA case right now before the Supreme Court is that we need to reserve marriage rights for straight people because only straight people get pregnant by accident,” Savage said. “I don’t understand why straight people aren’t offended when people who claim to speak for traditional marriage… go to court and say, ‘we straight people are so irresponsible and heartless that if we don’t have the inducements of a wedding ceremony and a delicious cake, we will abandon our children by the side of the road.’ This is the last argument that they have – that straight people suck.”

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