Honey Maid Creates Brilliant Response to Haters of Gay-Inclusive Ad

After receiving messages from homophobes who blasted Honey Maid for including gay families in its new ad campaign, the graham cracker brand responded with a brilliant video.



Nabisco graham cracker snack brand Honey Maid released a new ad campaign in March, “This Is Wholesome,” which features a variety of families, including those with interracial, single, and gay parents.

However, a handful of homophobes — including the antigay group (far less than) One Million Moms — were “outraged” and blasted the graham cracker brand for “promoting homosexuality.”

In a brilliant move, Honey Maid has responded with a new video featuring two artists who create a heartwarming message from paper printouts of the hateful messages the brand received since the inclusive ad aired. But what makes this video even better is the way it highlights the overwhelming number of positive responses to the brand's push for more diverse representations in commercials.


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